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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...

But what is it that grabs your attention and makes you really LOOK at a sign? It could be the shape, it could be the colors, but a BIG factor is the design, emblem, or logo a sign carries. Retail and promotional signs were the earliest forms of signs. These date back to antiquity. They would carry designs that could be recognized by non-literate citizens. We all know that the red and white striped pole means we can get a shave and a haircut – a variation of that sign dates back to the Middle Ages. In the 14 th century, English...

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House Numbers

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House Numbers

I Feel Like a Number…I’m Not a Number…  Remember that Bob Seger song? Unfortunately those are the only lines I remember and they go through my head over and over on days when we are carving mostly house number signs…And we carve A LOT of house number signs.  I know, I know, we ARE all more than numbers, but if you think about it we really can’t get along without them – we have social security numbers, phone numbers, employee numbers, tax ID numbers, and HOUSE NUMBERS.  If you want your mail delivered, or someone to come visit, or an...

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What kind of signs do we make? Address Signs for starters

Address Sign with Last Name Address sign with sea shells and star fish Address signs Address signs for Cottages Beach house Signs Beach Themed Address Sign Blue Heron sign Craftsman style address sign Custom Address Sign Custom Sign Shapes Distressed cedar road sign Nautical Themed Address Sign Navy themed address signs with anchor River House The Carving Company

What kind of signs do we make? Address Signs for starters

ADDRESS SIGNS We make all sorts of signs here at The Carving Company! They are all custom signs. Address signs, house numbers, quarterboards, business signs, bar signs, camp signs, cedar signs, welcome signs, no trespassing signs, all kinds of custom signs.... it's ENDLESS!  In this post, I'm going to focus on address signs.  We have made hundreds of address signs for our customers. We have several designs to choose from, or once in a while, a customer will strike out on their own with a new design. A lot of the time when that happens, that design will go on...

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Up and running on Shopify

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We did it! After weeks of organizing, editing, transferring products, editing SEO, uploading pictures, and coming up with 300 unique product descriptions, we're finally live on Shopify! Looking forward to seeing the difference. Should be MUCH better.

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Setting up the new Carving Company web site

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Setting up the new Carving Company web site

If you want to sell things online, as we sell custom carved signs at The Carving Company, you really need to rank high on Google search results. It's the number one way people find our shop. Think about how you search for things. If you don't see what you're searching for in the first few results on Google, you start losing hope in that search, and you start thinking about another way of wording your search. There are 1000's of pages of results many times, but rarely do you even go to the 2nd page, let alone beyond that. So as...

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