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Setting up the new Carving Company web site

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If you want to sell things online, as we sell custom carved signs at The Carving Company, you really need to rank high on Google search results. It's the number one way people find our shop. Think about how you search for things. If you don't see what you're searching for in the first few results on Google, you start losing hope in that search, and you start thinking about another way of wording your search. There are 1000's of pages of results many times, but rarely do you even go to the 2nd page, let alone beyond that. So as an online business, your life blood comes from getting your products as high as possible on the 1st page of results on a Google search. That doesn't just happen by accident. When you are setting up or editing your website, you have to put a lot of hours into optimizing it for Google (and the other search engines as well, but Google is king). This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. There are several areas of your website that need to be edited, so that when Google looks through your site, it finds them, and ranks you based on their quality. Things like descriptions, titles, content, are critical to your ranking. Sloppy SEO can really hurt your bottom line. It's critically important to research good SEO practices, and spend the time to implement them. Here's a good site that goes over common SEO questions. 

Good SEO Practices

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