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Joes NYC custom logo business sign oval

Customized Business Signs (B48)

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$ 624.97


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Here is an awesome sign for your bar. A large oval bar sign with lettering that is above from the surface, giving it extra dimension. It is carved in relief so that the characters and border are raised, and the background is smooth.

The size of sign pictured is approximately 36" x 24".  It is  priced for a sign carved from PVC with a similar amount of characters.

To customize this sign with your bar's name, start a custom order request.

We won't carve your sign until we've sent you computer generated artwork, and you approve it.

Colors are you choice. Specialty matching colors requires an extra charge, but painting in the general color range you request does not.

Production time can vary depending on workload. Check our shipping times or contact us for updates.  See our other commercial business signs for ideas.

Made in the USA. High quality, hand painted, carved solid custom plaque.

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