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Mine Hilll Kennel and Grooming Sign -Front

Customized Store Front Signs - Pet Grooming and other Business (B47)

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$ 454.97


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Thank you for viewing our made to order business signs. There is no standard lay out here - you can ask for anything you would like.

We offer personalized carved business signs for any type of business - medical, dog kennels and grooming, outdoor church signs, carved farm signs, real estate signs, entry/entrance signs, parking signs, carved store signs, day car signs, on and on....

The sign pictured is 24" x 18" and 24" x 6". It is priced for a sign with a similar amount of characters.

To customize this sign with your business name, start a custom order request.
We won't carve your sign until we've sent you computer generated artwork, and you approve it.

Colors are you choice. Specialty matching colors requires an extra charge, but painting in the general color range you request does not. We use industrial and marine grade pants and clear coat.

Production time can vary depending on workload. Check our shipping times or contact us for updates.

Made in the USA. High quality, hand painted, carved solid custom plaque.
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There will be keyholes carved in the back
Example of the back of a single sided sign
to hang from unless you have another preference.

Hope to hear from you! We make it very easy to order. No pressure.

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